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Contributor III
Contributor III

How to create a Date filter pane with a default value in Qlik Sense


Below is my requirement,

* I have created a bar chart that displays Sum(Sales) over Regions (East, West, North and South).

* I have created two filter panes in the view, Region filter pane and Date filter pane (sorted such that latest date is displayed first in the Date filter pane values).

* Now the requirement is, when we open the app, the view should display data for the latest date until we select some value from the Date filter pane.

I found a work around for this by changing the expression in the Sum(Sales) measure as "if(GetSelectedCount([Order Date])=0,Sum({$<[Order Date] = {'$(=Max([Order Date]))'}>}Sales),Sum(Sales))".

But implementing this solution has a serious problem, the client may not always use Date filter pane, If he doesn't need, he can simply remove the Date filter pane and then the view shouldn't any more show data only for latest date on opening the app, it should show entire data for all the regions.

So, the solution for this I think is to specify some default value in the Date filter pane, but unfortunately we don't have such an option in Qlik Sense.

Could anyone please help on how to create a Date filter pane with latest date value pre selected at the time we open the app.

Thanks in advance,


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Contributor III
Contributor III


Did you find any solution.