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How to create cascading filters in mashups using Create Lists


    Since  we are using multiple apps in the same mashup, we created our own filters using HTML, JavaScript and Qlik List API, this is working fine but now i am facing how to create cascade filters / how to apply data in filter 2 based on the selections of other drop downs (filter 1)?

Eg: Based on the selection of country, how to filter states in other dropdown like the Qlik behavior in mashups and List API ?

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Re: How to create cascading filters in mashups using Create Lists

May be this:

You need to fetch the data from all your apps (createCube method ‒ Qlik Sense).

Eventually merge them together and create a simple filter (select Box or multiple selection box), Then the trigger need to call the select Value methods on all the source app selectValues method ‒ Qlik Sense.

In this way a single selection impact all objects in your mashup, even id coming from different apps.

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Re: How to create cascading filters in mashups using Create Lists

Thankyou Bala Bhaskar for your response.

I have fetched the data using CreateList and bind to dropdowns and then based on the selection applied the selected value to object using selectValues API. this is fine.

if we are going with CreateCube, only filtered value would be displayed on the dropdown but what i need is always display all the value but based on the selections values will be grayed out like How qlik sense filteres are working.

my issue is below.

Lets say i have 2 dropdowns, 1st one  is Country dropdown and another is State dropdown, based on the selection of country, State dropdown values will be filtered with some parameter then i will grayed out for rest of the values using CSS.

Is there any option to pass parameters to CreateCube method to get the filter data?

Eg: Dropdown1 selection : India

       Dropdown 2 value will be filtered : Only Indian States will be filtered by using some API. how to get this?

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