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How to create custom User Roles in Qlik Sense

Hi all,

Is there an option to create custom user roles in Qlik Sense ?

I would like to create custom user admin roles that suit best for the developers, and other user types within my organization.,


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Creator III
Creator III


You can create your own security rules for particular users or groups and assign no existing roles from the QMC..

And you can also create Custom Active directory groups for data restriction etc..


Not applicable

If you create a security rule where the condition looks like this example user.roles='Developer' Once you apply the rule, the role will appear in the list of available roles in the user screen.

Here is an example:

2016-06-23 11_03_14-Security rule edit - QMC.png

2016-06-23 11_03_31-User edit - QMC.png