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How to create good and meaningful data.


I want to be able to get good at qlik sense, I have been given this dataset and was wondering what good information I could get from this dataset. Some queries or techniques like key words to use i.e "left joins", I am very much new to transforming data. Thanks!

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Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni


The data set you have supplied is very simple, just a single table with no data transformation required, though you could use the various date fields as the basis for creating a date dimension. If you search / google that term you'll find a huge number of examples however the Qlik Sense data manager will essentially create them for you. You could also use that data set to do a range of calculations using the various fields that are included. Have a think about the various  questions you might be able to ask of the data (e.g. total monthly licenses, average license value per requester etc) that can be calculated and then look up how to do those. If you get stuck ask a specific question here and someone will help you.

if you want to learn Qlik I'd suggest instead that you start with the tutorials included in the help which are structured to get you started with some of the data transformation techniques. Qlik also offers a range of training courses and there are a multitude of other courses and tutorials on the internet.

good luck,