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How to create multi-level dropdown in qlik sense

Hi Team,

I am using filter pane which has list of all countries.When i click on a particular country eg. 'India' list of cities which belongs to India must be shown as a drop down without using another filter pane. Attached is the sample snapshot of the requirement.

Please assist me in solving this issue.



3 Replies
Creator III
Creator III

This is not native functionality in qlik sense. Your best option is to use the filter chart, add all your multi level fields in order, and set the filter to be a single line. This won't make them cascade, but they will be in a logical order to cut down the selections as you select from the previous one.

Try Hierarchy function or use subfield if your data is like Country1\State1\City1

Specialist II
Specialist II

A drill-down dimension may work for you. It doesn't cascade, but would show the valid cities for a country when the country is selected.

Of course the hierarchy has to exist in your data.