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Creator II
Creator II

How to customize the message while using Qlik Web Connector?


I am using the Qlik SMTP Connector option (available in Qlik Web Connectors version March 2020) to send notifications to the team whenever a job fails or successfully runs. I configured the Qlik SMTP connector and created a web connection in Hub and tested the following:

1. Ran the job successfully from Hub >> Received the email

2. Ran the job with a failed message from Hub >> Received the email

3. Ran the job successfully from QMC >> Received the email

4. Ran the job with a failed message from QMC>> Received the email

What I want to do is

a) To modify the settings in such a way that I ONLY get emails when a job fails, that too ONLY when it fails in QMC and NOT Hub.

b) Attach the log file of the failed task in email.

c) Customize the message to mention the task name that failed to reload through QMC.




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