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How to disable Create new sheet option in hub.

Hi All,

I have a stream call ABC, and there is a app call TST, and a user call USR...USR is part of the stream ABC

I have published that TST app  to ABC,

In security rule for that stream i have given only read access for the user ABC.

But that ABC user is able to create the sheet in the app TST in hub.

and that sheet which he is creating are getting deleted automatically after 10-15 seconds.

what should i do, that create sheet icon should not even come for the ABC user when he open TST app.


Ankit Jain

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Re: How to disable Create new sheet option in hub.

Open the Audit page of the QMC and filter the resources so only the app TST is left. The look at which users have update access to the app and check out which rules give them that access. Then adjust the security rules as needed.

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