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New Contributor III

How to do "where" in qliksense

Hello everyone
I have a question :I have two tables in qliksense
1- customer list (customer num)
2- sales tickets (customer num)
I would like to count the number of customers in my list of customer who have made purchases (sales tickets). I do not know how to do a "where num Client [client list] = num Client [list tickets] in qliksense.
Can someone help me?


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Re: How to do "where" in qliksense


Use the exists function like below.

Load Customer,Sales from SalesTicket;

Load Customer,If(Exists(Customer),'Yes','No') as CustomerWhohasSales

From Customer.

Now you can use this new field "CustomerWhohasSales" to know which customer had sales and using this you can also count the customers.


Kaushiik Solanki

New Contributor III

Re: How to do "where" in qliksense

Hello Kaushik,

Thank you! It's a good idea.
I'm going to try it

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