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How to drop columns that are not null?

Hello all,

I am currently working on a visualization and my concern are the columns that are not null but have very small data values as opposed to the largest three bars in the bar graph. These other countries appear in other sheets (country is a PK). I am unsure about how to create a minimum or eliminate them all together (I already unchecked include null values). Thanks again in advance, I appreciate it!




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Re: How to drop columns that are not null?

You can use Limitation - fixed number for the Country dimension,and set it to top 3.

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Re: How to drop columns that are not null?

Setting a limitation is one approach if you just want to see the Top n.

You could also use an expression in your dimension to limit what is displayed based on a value from your calculation.

Something like

If (Sum(Field) > 100, Field, 0)