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New Contributor

How to export all columns of data into Excel

I've got a pretty basic dashboard I'm working on, with a couple charts and a table as visualizations.  My whole dataset is over 20 columns wide, but each visualization uses just a few of them.  On the sheet I can right click on any visualization and chose export data and easily get it to an Excel sheet, but the export will just include the columns relevant to the visualization I started with.  Is there a way to export ALL columns into a spreadsheet, not just the handful that are displayed in the visualization?

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Valued Contributor

Re: How to export all columns of data into Excel

Hi Joe,

I haven't been able to do it, so my workaround is creating a straight table as the last sheet for downloading purposes, I put the other little KPIs such as number of records, etc. As Excel struggles with more that 1M records I advise users if the number of records exceeds that amount...

I hope this helps,



New Contributor II

Re: How to export all columns of data into Excel

I have run into many requests for this exact thing.  So far, Qlik Sense has no answer for me.  Also, Qlik View (which I don't have at the moment) will only allow it if you hide a full table somewhere on the sheet to basically cheat.  Funny thing this is native, easy, and standard on Tableau and Tableau Server, all versions.  Things like this are why Qlik has never been my first choice of BI/Analytics tools in a business environment.  Qlik management, please make this easier.