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How to export entire visualization in PDF/JPG?

Hello Qlik community,

How come I only get 1page of pdf or jpg when I export the visualization?

How can I get the whole visualization*(multiple pages) saved in PDF or image?


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Master III
Master III

You would have been right in a few weeks .

May you live in interesting times!
Contributor III
Contributor III

Yes, you can do this but also you can use the add a sheet button in story, then you can pick the whole sheet from your sheets section



Qlik sense stories are the worst I have ever see. You can do it using stories but the page size in stories are limited. Some of the reports half print in PDF format or power point format.

And when I try to use PDF in sheet, It won't cut half and page size can adjustable but cannot export data as multiple pages.

Disappointing  with Qlik as other BI tools has this as basic feature which Qlik doesn't have or hard to get it done.