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How to find returning customers, lost customers, new customers


I am trying to build table with new, returning, lost customers.

Data is of last 3 years-2015,2016,2017

New Customer - Customer in 2017 only

Returning customer- Was customer in 2015, not n 2016, again customer in 2017

lost customer: was customer in 2015/2016 , not customer in 2017

I have fields : Customer-name, Year, Bookings.

I have seen blog posts how to do this in qlikview, but I am not sure how will this achieved in qliksense.



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Hi Akansha,

Based on your description, blogs on how to do this with QlikView still apply to Qlik Sense because they were probably based on the powerful function called Set Analysis.

Another option would be to create columns for each of the years, then it could potentially be created with a simple list box.  In other words, your column names would be:

Customer-Name, 2015, 2016, 2017, Bookings

This can be achieved through the script or possibly even in the UI with Set Analysis....your choice.

Creator III
Creator III

Hi Akanksha,

         Please post any example data, then we will work on it.