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Contributor III
Contributor III

How to get item carried away from previous day?

Hi, I have a pivot table. In Rows, i have given priority field (Values - major, minor,critical) and in columns, status field(values - open, close, inprogress) and in measure, i have given count(distinct items) . Here, it will show the count of items open in major, minor and count that got closed in major minor and critical. here my requirement is : In Day 1 - i will be getting 20 items . completed-5 pending - 15, In Day 2 - added EXTRA 20 items . completed 5, pending 15 (in pending, it should calculate pending of day1 also . so pending is 30), in day 3 - It should calculate pending of day1 day2 and day3.  I tried to use peek() inside measure but it is not working there.

Please help me with measure what should be written. Thanks in advance!

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