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How to group dimension by expression in master item?

Dear QS Experts

I am new to QS and I am a front end user (Which means I don’t write script fm QS backend side). I have a question regarding to dimension set up in master item

Below is my raw data and there are 13 types in [Product] column which are:

Unship / Unrelease / Delay / New / Credit / Quality / Supply / Timing / VIP / Customer / Partner / Medic / School


Usually I can group them in dimension master item by below expression and use it for pivot table.


Now I want to set up one group (name ‘Scope’) which excludes ‘Unship’ & ‘Unrelease’ without writing other 11 types in expression as below.

The reason I don’t wanna writing other 11 types in expression is these types are dynamic in raw data. Today we have 13 types tomorrow we may have 15 types and 20 in the next week. But one thing I am sure that is ‘Unship’ & ‘Unrelease’ always exists in everyday raw data. That’s why I wanna exclude them in dimension (I don't need to exclude them while importing raw data to QS, no need to change any script fm back end). I try Product = - ‘Unship’ or Product =-‘Unrelease’ but neither one can work


You could kindly check raw data and test apps in the attachment for your reference

Thank you for your support in advance

Best Regards


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Re: How to group dimension by expression in master item?

Maybe :

=if(Product ='Unship' or Product='Unrelease' , 'Static','Dynamic')

see the attached app: