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Contributor II
Contributor II

How to hide only selections tool button from selection bar


     I know this is asked several times in the past but i didn't fine right answer to hide this still.

I have a work around using multi KPI (which has CSS option) to hide entire selection bar but insisted for hiding the whole bar I just want to hide 'selections tool' option/button and i want to keep other options (search, clear, back, forward) as it is (please see attached screen shot)

Insisted doing/creating things in theme, i am using multi KPI which has CSS option to make small tweaks and i am using below two types of CSS code using multi KPI to hide the selections tool only but both are not working. I have used same multi KPI to hide the tool bar.

please do let me know if we have any other CSS to do the same.

Also i am looking to hide the 'Insight Advisor' button as well


.qv-explore-selections-btn {
display:none !important;


.qv-panel-current-selections .buttons {
display: none !important;


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Turning off Insight Advisor

By default, Insight Advisor Search and Insight Advisor Analysis Types are enabled in apps. You can turn off Insight Advisor to prevent users from accessing these features.

  1. In your app, click the app name in the navigation bar.
  2. In the app details area, click  .
  3. Turn off Insight Advisor in this app.


Contributor II
Contributor II

Hello Anat,

           Thank you for that, i didn't know we have an option for hide and show for Insight Advisor.

          how  can we hide the selections tool option, i know we don't have a direct option for that. we might need to use some CSS for that.



I have also been looking for a solution to this same problem.  I have not found a way yet.  Like you I used the Multi KPI object and the CSS, but it fails to work.  So I have come to the temporary conclusion that for now it is not easily resolvable.  My technique to cope with this is to allow the troublesome Selections button to only reflect the same fields as the on screen filters show.  That way I at least have a consistent set of data fields for my client to look at, and unwanted fields are not visible.  To do this, I have had to edit the LOAD script, and use the TAG FIELD technique to tell QS to not display certain fields in the Selections button, like the below.  It works perfectly.

WITH '$hidden';