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How to implement an alerting system within Qlik Sense

Hello everyone,

I'm new to Qlik Sense and I wanted to ask about some tips on implementing an alerting system within Qlik Sense. The overall goal is to specify some indicators in Qlik Sense and when those indicators have a value greater than a predefined threshold I would like to get an email to get notified about it.

Is this something possible and if so, what would be the best way to implement it? Or can I use something that is already  implemented by someone else? 

It would be great to give me some resources or some overall tips on how I should go about it, as I'm new to Qlik Sense and don't have a clear overview of most of the concepts in Qlik Sense!

Thank you in advance!

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Re: How to implement an alerting system within Qlik Sense

I don't know the N-Printing part if that doable in QlikSense.

But, I've designed the same UML diagrams using script side with X-Matters. Check if X-Matters in available in your space.

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Re: How to implement an alerting system within Qlik Sense

Hi @limu ,

I have tried triggering email for every successful reload with the help of qlik smtp web connector which is free to use.

LIB CONNECT TO 'Email_Send (paew_qvadmin_dev)'; /* connection to web connectors*/

FROM CSV (header on, delimiter ",", quote """") "CSV_source"
QUERY "to" "xxxxxxxxxxxxm",
QUERY "cc" "xxxxxxxxxxx",
QUERY "subject" "Management Dashboard",
QUERY "message" "Management Dashboard Reloaded Successfully",
QUERY "fromName" "Noreply-Qlik",
QUERY "fromEmail" "XXXXXXXX",
QUERY "format" "csv",

Unqualify *;

I think below will give you total description how to achive the result desired.