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Re: How to load JSON data held in a TXT file please? [Example provided]

You're right Rob. I stumbled over it by chance. If I remember correctly I brought the executable file of Qlik Sense up in a text editor - I think it was Notepad++ to have a look at the list of keywords that might be supported. And surprisingly I found a BNF that showed me the parsing of scripts embedded in the executable. By reading this I discovered the json as a valid format-spec. This was almost a year ago I believe. I confirmed with some other guy that knows the actual code within Qlik Sense that indeed it is supported - in the code.

It has not yet materialized into the documentation. One probable reason for that is that it has a serious limitations when it comes to hierarchical or nested JSON. It doesn't do it. So it is only useful in it's simple use to parse flat JSON-files. It works for both QlikView and Qlik Sense.

No - I didn't find any other undocumented format-spec things apart from json...


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