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How to load google analytics data into Qlik Sense using REST connectors?

I have established connection using REST connectors with google analytics.

I'm currently facing problem when i'm trying to pull the data from the connection path. I want to load one dimension (User Type) and one metric(Users), I have obtained the URL from Google API and established a connection in Qlik Sense. When I try to load the data, the resultant is coming in a single column.

The result should be,

User Type         Users

New Users        1000

Existing             3000

But what I get is,

New Users




How can I get a proper table format ? is the problem due to JSON format? if so, How can I solve it ?

P.S Also, When I tried reloading the data after sometime, I get a error "Data has not been loaded", should we have to re-establish connection with google analytics every single time ?