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How to make access rules work

Hello All

I have a qlik sense server license ,, I want to automatically allocate token to user provisioned by the user syncing task

I found that I should create a user access rule ,, I did, but it doesn't fire or doesn't update the tokens allocation

I also want to know what will happen in the following scenarios :

1- will the user be deallocated if removed externally

2- if yes ,,will the token be reallocated to a newly created user or it will be in quarantine for 7 days

Thanks for your help

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Re: How to make access rules work

I have rules setup for both type of tokens and they work fine on my system. 

If a token is deallocated it will be quarantined for 7 days.  Once available again then when you add a new user your rule should kick in and allocate it to them.

Can you provide a screen shot of your rules?

Also, what user directory connector are you using to sync users?

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Re: How to make access rules work

I'm using a sql connector ,, so I got my users from a view in my sql database