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How to make the figures unique?


The sample data is for 01 Jan 2017. The ID number 2021333262 ride a shuttle twice on that day that is why there are two "Inbound" data. He has a record of 1,050.11 for 01 Jan 2017, however, this figure should only appear once and not double. What should we do in order to only have one record of 1,050.11 but still there will be two inbound data? Thank you so much.

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Re: How to make the figures unique?

in date field try


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Re: How to make the figures unique?

hi! I just tried it and the figure is still double for that day. Anyway, thank you!

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Re: How to make the figures unique?

It is displaying multiple rows because there is a data value that is different in each row.  If they were identical it would only show one time.

So one approach would be to eliminate the column that is causing this if you don't need it.  Or if it is a date time field get rid of the time for example.  Again, if you don't need it.

The other thing that might work is to do a Distinct based on a field in an expression or in your Dimension.

I would need to see and understand your data a little better to know for sure.

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Re: How to make the figures unique?

Hi, thanks for the reply. Yeah, I reviewed the data we're using and there is a particular field that makes the value duplicate. All clear to us and the data itself needs to be cleansed first. Thanks again!

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