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How to match dates correctly


lets say I have 2 tables with different data, but each of them has it own date information, for example:

- 1st table has fields Year,  Month, Week.

 - 2nd table has fields Year, Week.

And also I have a key field named ProductID.

What is the best way to match this two tables without synthatic key? I would use same date filter for both tables.


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Re: How to match dates correctly

Hi @maxsugak 


It will be unfair without knowing the background and ask you do something to remove the synthetic key. If both the year and week corresponds to the same date like start date for example you can omit something but if they are different you may need to separate them and create date out of it. 


As i said there could be different ways to do it depending upon the data, some back ground of it would make our job easier.



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Re: How to match dates correctly

Thanks for your response!

I've made quick example attached.


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Re: How to match dates correctly

SKU is a key field
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Re: How to match dates correctly


in both tables and join it will avoid synthatic key


synthatic key is not a problem