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How to merge two tables into single table in Nprinting pixel perfect report

Hi all,

I have two different qlik sense app. I have created two different qlik sense connection and I have added both qlik sense connection into single common report in NPrinting. So that I can pull data from both Qlik sense app during creation Nprinting report .

I'm able to pull all data like graphs and table from both Qlik sense app into single Nprinting report.

Now I have added one -one table from both Qlik Sense app into Qlik Sense  Pixel perfect Nprinting report.

Now I want to merge both Qlik Sense table into single table in pixel perfect report.

Table should be like this:-

1st row - 1st row from first table

2nd row- 1st row from second table

3rd row - 2nd row from first table

4th row- 2nd row from second table

means alternate  rows.

Is this possible to create table in such a way becase I need to create a comparative report based on both  Qlik Sense app data.

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