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How to publish a sheet which is present in mysheets to a stream

I have app which has three sheets I duplicated one sheet which came under my sheets and I made the necessary changes  to the sheet now I want to publish that sheet to a stream, If I am user how can I do that and If I am an admin how can I do that.


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If you are a user with the right privileges you should be able to right click on your sheet I the app overview and select publish.

If you are an admin you should make these changes to a copy of the app in my works and then publish this copy as a replacement of the original app.

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If you are a user , then you must have rights of PUBLISH access, if yes , you just need to do right click on your new sheet and it will move to or appear in My Community section , where user who has access in the stream can view this sheet.

Now If you are admin and owner of the concern app where there was three sheets and you have added one more new sheet so what you need to do , go to QMC , select the application on which you have made changes and publish with replace that application which has three sheet. so users who has access on the stream shall find that there are 4 sheets .

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