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How to repeat 2 columns in two tables w/o syn key

I am creating a report that combines two data type:

- an analysis of how many shipments were sent 

- an analysis of how many employees needed to work during this time

both tables have the column Date and City, and I'd like to make such filters that if I choose the city Berlin, all the shipments and employees related to Zurich will be displayed.

Unfortunately, when I leave those two columns in two tables the synthetic key appears.

Does someone have a work around this problem?


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You can concatenate the tables.

That way, if you make selections in either Date or City, the data will follow the selections (for both tables, or well, the concatenated table)

Specialist III
Specialist III


Quick fix is to rename the fields in 1 table, or move the columns from both tables into a new table and link to these with a unique key.  These quick fix suggestions are probably not the proper answer but will get rid of the synth key.

You need to review the context of your fields used for say country i.e. ship vs employment country, etc.  and see how that should really fit in on your data model.  

Actually the concat suggestion above is probably a nicer quick fix