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How to select a single value from loaded data

This seems like a fairly simple task but I cannot seem to figure out how to solve it. I am trying to query a specific value based on some condition from my loaded data. In my case I want to return the 'relational completeness' row and the 'weighted completeness' column. In excel I would usually do this with a VLOOKUP or a WHERE statement in SQL. How is this type of take completed in Qlik Sense? 


Here is the expression I am trying to get to work. I am trying to return a single value for the THEN statement in the second IF clause. 

IF(IsNull(GetFieldSelections(relationship)) = 0 AND IsNull(GetFieldSelections(period)) = 0, percent_complete,
	IF(IsNULL(GetFieldSelections(relationship)) = 0 ,  MAX(percent_complete) , weighted_completeness))


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Re: How to select a single value from loaded data


Can you please provide the expected output along with the current output that you are getting with above expressions?

Bhasker kumar
New Contributor

Re: How to select a single value from loaded data


So in my dashboard I have two filter panes(metric type & date), this script is checking if both are selected and returning that specific value(% completed) or if one metric type is selected the maximum percent completed. I would like if nothing is selected to select a specific metric called "relational completeness" and return that percent completed or "weighted_completeness". Below I have attached an image of the row that I want to receive a value from. Let me know if this helps. 


Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at 4.27.07 AM.png