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How to set parameter

Hi Guys

What i want is switch dimension from quarter to month in one chart

For example, in qlikview we could define a variable and assigned value by object

But in qliksense , the filter could not assign value to variable so the dimension could not use expression to change fields

So how can i use one chart to display data by quarter and  by month

The drill down function only support one quarter to three month,

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Re: How to set parameter

You can create variables in the script in the Data load editor. Or you can use the qsVariable extension. The latter is probably easier to use. You can define the variable and add alternative values for it. You can then use the variable as dimension just like in Qlikview, i.e. =$(vMyVariable).

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Re: How to set parameter

I've used the qsVariable extension and it worked a treat.  Just be careful if you use the input box as there is currently no validation round it.  I'd stick to the button, drop down or slider controls.

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