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How to share Qlik dashboard snapshot with anyone over email?

Hi Team,

We are migrating our report from Tableau to Qlik Sense. While analyzing the migration efforts, we are stuck in one thing which is "Snapshot sharing".

First I'll take you through about our dashboard features and then will put my concern:

Our functionalities:

Let's say we have the following dataset:


With above dataset, I'm creating 2 filter panes and one pie chart to render project and resources data.

So I have following filters:



The basis on the selection of these filter pie chart will also change.

Now the concern is if USER1 has applied following filters:

City: Delhi and Manila

Project: R-Lan, Tableau, and TEAPOT

So as per applied filters, the dashboard will update.

Question/Asking for suggestions

Q1. How can we share the Qlik dashboard with anyone over email or through some link, so that people can see the applied data by default? Is there anyone to share the entire dashboard? I have only seen that in Qlik you can share one object (Pie chart, table etc) at a time.

Q2. Let's assume that USER1 is shared dashboard with above filters on 23-Oct-2018 to USER2. But USER2 opened the dashboard after 4 days on 27-Oct-2018. Assume that within these 4 days some more projects have been added in DELHI city. So if USER2 one is seeing the dashboard, dashboard pie chart is rendering basis on the latest data updated till 27-OCT. But USER1 have shared the dashboard with data updated up to 23-Oct-2018.

How can we retain this data while sharing?

Do let me know if anyone needs more clarification or have any question.

Anyone suggestion or help will be appreciated.


Dilip Solanki

Dilip Solanki
1 Reply

Depending on your needs perhaps this extension can help:

talk is cheap, supply exceeds demand