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Contributor II
Contributor II

How to split 1 dimension into 2 fields

I have a database like this

Student Name Subject Result
A Math 100
A Science 90
B Math 95
B Science 80


And I want to put it in a table like this

Student Name Math Science
A 100 90
B 95 80


is there a way to do this without changing the back end? I only have access to the front end

so far what I do is use the if function

if(Subject = 'Math', Result, null()) & if(Subject = 'Science', Result, null())

but the result is like this

Student Name Math Science
A 100 -
A - 90
B 95 -
B - 80


please help. Thankyou

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Hi Caramel_mumu,

may be you may convert data in script side and get what you want.

First, I found student A result and then found student B result and keep results in two fields (math and science).

then I Concatenate the results and get the final result.


Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

Hi @caramel_mumu 

you can try the following

Dimension: [Student Name]

Measure1: sum({< Subject={'Math'}  >} Result)

Measure2: sum({< Subject={'Science'}  >} Result)


but, its better to be done by script by using Generic Load


Hope it helps,

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Contributor II
Contributor II

hi, thankyou

but I've tried this and it produced the same result like what I've showed in my question 😞



@RafaelBarrios solution will work..

Include only one dimension - Student Name and 2 measures [1 for Math & 1 for Science]

Thanks & Regards, Mayil Vahanan R
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