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Contributor II

How to turn table into a bar chart or other visualization?

Hi there!


How do I turn a table into a bar chart or other visualization?


I have added pictures to better explain, what kind of data I have.

This is how it looks in Qlik Sense data section:

data in Qlik Sense data sectiondata in Qlik Sense data section


This is how it looks when I add each of the column in edit mode:



This is how it looks on Excel and how I would like to see that data:






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You can use one dimension which related to Product and use 2 measures for data points?

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I can't see the relationship between the tables in QS and Excel. When you load data to QS, you do not load everything. Just choose the data you want. 

I am looking for some column such as product, customer, but couldn't tell from the picture. Maybe the table is large and the picture is not showing everything. 

The table you expect should be a combo chart.


Once you get the correct data import, you can create one combo chart with product as the dimension and customer count for each age group/total customer count% as two measures


Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi guys, thank you for your reply.

I understand that I need dimension and measure.

But the problem is that my product list is in separate columns and numbered by 0 and 1 as seen in the image 'This is how it looks in Qlik Sense data section:'


Perhaps my question would be how do I make all products into one e.g. 'product list' ?



What does each row represent? Is it one customer for each line? 

I think crosstable should be able to convert the dataset to a managable table