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How to use getMoreTable for QTable


I am working on an extension and have created a QTable as shown below:

     var table = currApp.createTable(["Date", "Name", "State", "Sales"], [], {rows:2500});

As my dataset has more than 2500 records (which seems to be the limit), I would like to retrieve the whole dataset from the server before processing. I tried to use table.getMoreData() but it throws an error that says g.model.getData is not a function. Would appreciate it very much if someone can advise me the correct way to call getMoreData(). I am currently using Qlik Sense 3.0.1.

Below is the code snippet which I tried out getMoreData():

     var table = currApp.createTable(["Date", "Name", "State", "Sales"], [], {rows:2500});

     varTableListener = function() {


          var totalRows = table.rowCount;

          var currentRowCnt = table.rows.length;

          while (currentRowCnt < totalRows) {

               table.getMoreData();   << Error occurs here>>