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How to view bottom 10 business units by revenue and excluding 0 values in bar chart

Hi everyone,

I am struggling with displaying the bottom 10 Product Lines and excluding the zero values (the data that was not input yet). When I check do not show zero values then I do a limitation on a fixed number of bottom 10, I get no data to display.

I think this is because it is trying to pull the zero data units in and there are none. How do I exclude the business units that have 0 in for revenue and display only the bottom 10 that actually have a number in there?

We had a fix for the overall view, which was to type in:

13+Count({<[Revenue (dollars)]-={'0'}>}[Product Line])

in the dimension -> product line -> limitation -> bottom -> expression field.

This fix did display the bottom 10 product lines by revenue but.........

This fix only worked until we filtered on specific segments, then it was not displaying correctly.

Need a fix here please

Thanks so much,


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