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How to write script regular statements_add field

I want to add a field "NPT1" in QlikSense.

The Data source form connected to the SQL Server, and not this field, it is necessary to filter out the database from the required, as a new field "NPT1"

The SQLQuery  is



FROM Sale_Customer as A


(NPT_date_1 BETWEEN @StartDate And @EndDate

OR NPT_date_1 BETWEEN @StartDate And @EndDate

OR NPT_date_2 BETWEEN @StartDate And @EndDate

OR NPT_date_3 BETWEEN @StartDate And @EndDate

OR NPT_date_4 BETWEEN @StartDate And @EndDate

OR NPT_date_5 BETWEEN @StartDate And @EndDate

OR NPT_date_6 BETWEEN @StartDate And @EndDate

OR NPT_date_7 BETWEEN @StartDate And @EndDate)

1.Sale_Customer is table name

2. NPT_date_1~NPT_date_7 are column name

So how do I write the script regular statements?

Thanks in advance for any help!