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Howto add a published community sheet to the approved sheets

As a developer I prepare and publish an application to facilitate multiple analysts.

This application contains a nice datamodel, and some sheets as a starting point.

Then multiple users start to work with the dashboard, and create their own visualizations in "My Sheets".

Sheets that are particularly interesting, can be shared with other users by "Publishing" it to the "Community Sheets".

Now consider the following use-case: I, as a "developer and owner of the app" want to include some of these published community sheets into the master application. So when I want to update the script/datamodel, I do a "duplicate" of the app, change script/datamodel, optionally also add sheets, and can then publish this app to "replace the existing" version: pushing the update to all users.

BUT: after doing a duplicate of the application (mandatory, else I cannot change anything), the community sheets are not available in the duplicated app! So: how can I include these user-made-publish-worthy visualizations?

Manually copy all of the visualizations and reconstruct the layout?? I hope not!


Am I missing a (security) setting? Did I misunderstand the intended development/design process?

The QMC can show me these community sheets, but also doesn't provide me any way of changing/promoting the scope...

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Creator III
Creator III

Rebumping this thread.

Reading on Qlik Tips

there was discussion on duplicating the app taking ownership and then republishing, but that method does not seem to work either. Really looking for a solution on this as none of the QMC approaches seem to work as of 3.1.....

I am missing something too. If I duplicate app and view it in my Work, I see the added sheets as if they were any sheet in an unpublished app, but upon publishing (replacing) the sheets revert to Not Approved and appear in community sheets.

My other point on this is that if we mess with repository db on any node (whther that is central or otherwise) the repositories will no longer sync up correctly. Not sure I would want to go down that road anyway if we can get a workable QMC sollution.

Creator III
Creator III

So I figured it out. So just in case anybody else has the question...

In QMC, Duplicate the app and change ownership to you.

Open the app in the hub under My Work

Duplicate the sheets that you wish to approve. You can then optionally delete the original community sheets.

Go back to QMC, publish the app, replacing the one that is in the stream.

Now the Community Sheet will be in the main app. Yeeah!

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Hello Aaron,

The Qlik Sense QMC Utilities extension should help you address this issue:

Qlik Sense QMC Utilities

Creator III
Creator III

Thanks Kehinde. Will install it now. Much appreciated.


Sorry Aaron - when you replace an app, only the data model gets updated, no front-end changes. Can you confirm this is the case?

Creator III
Creator III

When you replace the app, any changes you made while in work will also be migrated to your published stream. And the "community" sheets that I duplicated in work are now part of the main app because they were replicated while in work and then published.

All this jargon is confusing!!!


That's interesting - I had a different experience. What happens to the community and personal sheets? Do they get lost as your app in your MyWork environment will not have them?

Creator III
Creator III

My experience is that whatever community sheets or "your sheets" will persist as they did in the original app.


Hi Allard,

delayed answer, but the best (to my knowledge) method for Publishing Community Sheets to Base Sheets is to use the QMC Utilities: Qlik Sense QMC Utilities

I have also successfully tested the Sheet Publishing with the QMC Utilities in a multi-node environment.

Contributor II
Contributor II

FYI, I've tried this method in 3.2 and it doesn't work for me. The duplicated app does not contain the personal sheets.