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I need a Rank by Month/Product

Hi there!

I have the following data serie:

Month  Product Sales

jan/16   Apple        10

jan/16   Orange       5

jan/16   Apple         1

feb/16   Orange       5

feb/16   Apple         2

I need to create the following table:

Month  Product  Month Sales  Rank of Sales

jan/16   Apple          11                       1

jan/16   Orange         5                       2

feb/16    Orange        6                       1

feb/16    Apple          2                       2

I have no idea about how to write the rank of sales formula. Could you please, help me?

Many thanks for any kind of help.

Best ragards,


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Re: I need a Rank by Month/Product

Create a table chart with 1. dimension Month and 2. dimension Product

and two expressions:



[BTW, why do you get 6 for Oranges in Feb/16?]