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I want to create a dimension where I can assign a speciffic value.

I have a data model with value for different types of collateral.   I would like to divide the total by a specific number, but there is no field for that value.   I want to create a dimension that would hold the specific value so I an reuse it in calculations.  For example, I want to assign the value $750,000,000 to the dimension named Capital.

If I could make it driven by a variable that could easily  be changed, that would be a bonus.

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Question not clear to me. Can you rephrase for me
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Contributor III

If I understand you correctly a variable is the solution.

Somewhere in the load script:

Set vCapital=750000000;

In a calculation:


In the november version with de Dashboard Bundle there's an extension called variable input which you can use to modify your variable.

Regards Peter.


Thank you!   That worked.