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Idea for a log script

Hello qlikers 🙂

I need your help. I want to create a script for a log. What does that mean?
For example I have 10 application in my Qlik Sense. Now I want to write a script that check the log file. 
My idea is, I have antother script that sends emails, better known as alerting. When the log file is failed it should send emails. Do you have antoher idea what I can do with the log file? 

Thank you in advance for your great support! I wish you a good day! 🙂


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There are many ways can be possible

1) SMTP Server / Web services connector's - Link

2) Using Extensions

3) N-Printing etc.

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Specialist II

Hi Steven,

I don't have N'Print so what I did was to create a log file in csv with a date field and all apps that not worked. After that a php email sender that look the time in log to decide if was already send or not. 


there are multiple options. We started to use the qlik sense alerting tool we found somewhere on the community. it is a standalone application free to use. it beeing standalone will make sure it will always send the emails and have no issues when Qlik has a hickup or the webconnector(notification connector) is down.

Can't remember the exact name but you should be able to find it fairly easily. the source code is also available if you know how to use C# you can modify it to fit your needs.