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Identify an Extension

If you inherit an app that includes some extensions is there any way to identify which extensions they are if you don't recognize them by the look and feel? 

I know that some newer extensions include this information in the properties pane.  But older ones do not.

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Re: Identify an Extension

Maybe if you import the app into an environment without the extension installed, it will give you an error message with the extension name where the object would be?

Re: Identify an Extension

A couple of options:

1. The devtool extension will display the qType field. https://github.com/erikwett/DevTool

2. Use the new developer menu Developer menu in Qlik Sense client.

Select an object and then "properties" in the developer menu. qType is the extension name.

3. Use QS Document Analyzer to get a list of all objects in the app.

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Re: Identify an Extension

May be, it's through scanning the app for object ids => get each object's properties => check if extension exists in QRS etc...



Or by using script:

FOR Each vFile in filelist ('$(Path)'&'\*.qvd')



  Subfield('$(vFile)','\\',2) AS Name,

  Subfield(FileName('$(vFile'),'*',2) AS FileExtension

  FileSize( '$(vFile)' )/1024 AS Size,

  FileTime( '$(vFile)' ) AS FileTime,

  QvdNoOfRecords( '$(vFile)' ) AS Rows,

  QvdNoOfFields( '$(vFile)' ) AS Fields

  autogenerate 1;

NEXT vFile

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