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Identify duplicate transactions

Hi I would like to know how we could use set analysis to identify duplicates in a data.  Say for eg you want to identify duplicate sales transactions in a data.

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Re: Identify duplicate transactions

Can't it be done on a script level?


Re: Identify duplicate transactions

Hi Nataraj, you can create a simple table with the dimensions you want to detect as duplicates, and an expression with a simple count on a field that you know always have data.

Those above 1 are duplicates (there is more than one record in that combination of dimension values), or to keep only duplicates:

If(Count(FieldName)>1, 'Duplicated')

Re: Identify duplicate transactions

May be explain little more, Not exactly set analysis but we will try our best to showcase

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Re: Identify duplicate transactions

Try to create a composite key of primary key and take a count of that key in expression.

If it is more than 1 then that transaction is duplicated.

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