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If + Do While Script Load

Hi Qlikers,

I have the following table:

Code   Parent_Code



3          1

4          2

5          3

6          4

7          6

the goal is to lookup the original parent code (i.e. Parent_Code is empty, where in this example just 1 and 2), but the Parent_Code are "Nested".

For example, Code=5's Parent_Code is 3, and 3's Parent_Code is 1, so 1 should be the "Final_Code". I want to generate the Final_Code for all the Code

I kind of know what I need to do, just not familiar with the syntax and scripting language

for i = 0 to row(table)-1

     do while not empty(Parent_Code)

     Lookup the ParentCode and assign it as the TemporaryFinalCode...

Does anyone has input on how to make the lookup work? or any other scripting loop may achieve this?

Thank ou so much,


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Re: If + Do While Script Load


Re: If + Do While Script Load

Hi Sunny,

Eventually I am mapping the final code to some kind of channel, so another table as:

Final_Code    Channel

1                     Channel1                  

2                     Channel2

3                     Channel3

4                     Channel4

I am still trying to understand hierarchy load, but don't think that would help to map to the Channel level?


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Re: If + Do While Script Load

Check out HierarchyBelongsTo, it will work well for this.


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