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Contributor III
Contributor III

If Else on Bar Chart


I have column with different type of data format. I wrote below measure code which works fine on a Table chart, but when I use same code on Bar chart is not working as it should be.  I attached a screenshot of data and Bar chart (on which is not showing correctly). Can anyone please assist? Thank you


if(Category = 'Grade Percentage',num(sum( {$<ReportMonth={'20220405'}>} Figure ), '##0.00%'),
if(Category = 'Call time',Time(sum( {$<ReportMonth={'20220405'}>} Figure ), 'hh:mm:ss'),
if(Category = 'Rate',num#(sum( {$<ReportMonth={'20220405'}>} Figure ),'###0.00', '.', ','),
if(Category = 'Cash',num(sum( {$<ReportMonth={'20220405'}>} Figure ),'$#,##0'),
num(sum( {$<ReportMonth={'20220405'}>} Figure), '#,##0')))))

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Master II
Master II

You can't do different formats in the same measure in a barchart as they all share the same axis and I'm not really sure how that would make any sense. How do you compare Percentages to time or money?

Champion III
Champion III

Bar Chart can only have one Scale  either  Value($,Num) or Percentage or Time

And a combo chart can only have 2 scales 

Vineeth Pujari
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