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If a user who is Part of two Streams,then which Action would be applicable.

Hi All,

I have created two streams like

Stream A, there are five users which are part of Stream A, lets say 1,2,3,4,5. Stream Actions are READ, PUBLISH

Stream B,there are five users which are part of Stream B, lets say 6,3,7,8,9. Stream Actions are READ, UPDATE,EDIT.

* user 3 is common in both the streams.

* all users are root admin and have login access pass

now I have 2 apps Call DEMO_1 and DEMO_2,

I published DEMO_1 to Stream A , then DEMO_2 to Stream B.

Question 1. :-> when i am logged in into hub using user 3,i am not able to EDIT the app DEMO_2.

why it's happening, i have already given actions in stream B that user's should be able to EDIT.

Question 2.:-> When i saw the user's of Stream 2, it's showing read READ and PUBLISH actions only in associated user actions...? WHY..is it picking this actions from somewhere else..


Ankit Jain