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If statement error

I'm try to mark the records with the following class codes for the account type. I created the following IF Statement to do it, but says Error in expression, and I have no clue. Help Please!

if ({<Account_Type_Description = {SAV},Class_Code = {41}>},'Yes',

if ({<Account_Type_Description = {DDA},Class_Code = {51,52,53,54}>},'Yes',

if ({<Account_Type_Description = {COD},Class_Code = {51}>},'Yes','No')))


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Re: If statement error

May be this:


(Account_Type_Description = 'SAV' and Class_Code = 41) or

(Account_Type_Description = 'DDA' and Match(Class_Code, 51, 52, 53, 54)) or

(Account_Type_Description = 'COD' and Class_Code = 51),