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Iframe Integration in Web App(MASHUP)

Hi, I'm trying developing a web application in order to embed iframes of Qlik.

I've seen a several tutorial how to configure qlik sense to use Mashup Integration; I have a problem with the authentication part, because I don't want to Qlik ask to me about Window Credential to login in order to see Iframe and I want to do automatically each time that  I load the web page with the iframe embed.

I paste the tutorial that I followed for the configuration, and I did it well with Postman, but I don't want this.


What I've done it's do a GET request in javascript to obtain iframe from Qlik sense, sending all parameters in the Headers(user and password) but always give me the same error and qlik log it is not too much specific, just dice fail in the header authentication.

I don't know if there is some way to do what I 'm trying so any helps would be welcome!


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Contributor III
Contributor III

I have a similar requirement ,were you able to fix or find a way



did you get any result?

i have same problem