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Ignore a filter in whole measure

Hi everyone,

I have a bar chart with a measure made up of multiple functions:

=sum(Aggr(Sum(Aggr(Avg(avance_o)*avg([peso_objetivo]),ID_objetivo))/sum(aggr(avg(peso_objetivo),ID_objetivo)) * avg([Riesgo inicial]),LT))/sum([Riesgo inicial])/100

Lets say I want to ignore when "LT" filter is applied. With set analysis I can type "{$<LT>}" in the beginning of each function to ignore that filter, but,

is there any way to ignore a filter globally in a measure other than typing 11 times "{$<LT>}"??

I hope the answer is yes

Thank you!

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the short answer is use Alternate state

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I dont know what alternate states are, but I see that they are not Qlik Sense native and I would need an extension.

The only thing I have found is:

Using Alternate State in QLikSense (without Extensions) and it does not differ from repeating the set analysis expresein for each function.

There should be a property of the chart for ingnoring a filter no matter the measures or dimensions within it.

Partner - Master II
Partner - Master II

Considering the number and complex ways of building both Dimensions and Measures off a well structured data model I think you are being unrealistic with that solution.  In effect wiping the set analysis part of an expression in most cases would probably remove the measures context all together or at least unexpectedly change it.  The default position is you work with the associated data model and you use set analysis and joins to alter it yourself.

If you are struggling with using set analysis here is something i've found handy as a reference guide in the past.



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Partner - Contributor II

In order to avoid writing set expressions for each function, use the set expression as an outer set expression