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Ignore a filter on set analisis


I have a chart that has various values by month. and I have a table that outputs the sum of everything. So I want to use a Month filter that affects the table without losing the chart data.

here is my equation:

=if(WildMatch(  [DRE.Competência]  ,'*2018*'),{<  [DRE.Competência]  =>}  [DRE.Competência]  )

this field is the dimension on the chart that refers to the Month. This equation gives me an error. So this is what i am using right now:

=if(WildMatch(  [DRE.Competência]  ,'*2018*'),   [DRE.Competência]  )

I want this field to not change even with a filter for it.

Thanks in advance!

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i can't publish the data, but it works like this:

LOAD *inline[

DRE.Competência , DRE.Valor

dez/2017, 10

jan/2018, 5

fev/2018, 10

mar/2018, 7


DRE.Competência -> this is the dimension

DRE.Valor -> this is the value

I want to filter the data when it filters for everything on the app but i should not affect the dimension DRE.Competência in this chart.

So, with a global filter on, the chart will sill have all the values from 2018. and not just the ones i filtered.

=if(WildMatch(  [DRE.Competência]  ,'*2018*'),   [DRE.Competência]  )

this returns my dimension as only for 2018. but if a global filter is set, maybe like this:

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 14.15.38.png

i still want ALL the values from 2018 to show, and not the selected ones.

Sorry if I was not clear before.


That depends on your expression, in fact I normally don't use calculated dimensions. So what what happens when you move  the logic from the dimension to the expression? In other words just use [DRE.Competência] as your dimension and in your expression something like

Sum({<[DRE.Competência]={"*2018*"}>} DRE.Valor)

as per your latest example


it still filters out the not selected dates. i think it is something simple. Like using TOTAL or {1} or something like it,

i need the global filter to not affect the dimension inside the chart. But only for the dimension

Champion III
Champion III

Use {1} in your aggr expr. As Piet mentioned in his expr give 1 like below

= Sum({1<[DRE.Competência]={"*2018*"}>} DRE.Valor)