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Ignore filters in tables*


I am working in Qlik Sense.

In my application I have a whole of date by RELEASE. Usually I need to see only one release data, so I am using a filter to get my results.

But I am trying to create a table on the last sheet of my application which is a summary of all the releases, and I want it to ignore the selected release in my filter.

The main dimension are date (no relation with release), I tried use set analysis to ignore the filter with no success : 

MESURE: = Count(RELEASE={*},[SLA]={"OK"},[END DATE]-={""},[CUST]={"YES"},[PRIO]={"P3"}>}

if([DATE REF.autoCalendar.YearMonth]=[END DATE.autoCalendar.YearMonth],KEY))

any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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Re: Ignore filters in tables*


Try like this,

if([DATE REF.autoCalendar.YearMonth]=[END DATE.autoCalendar.YearMonth],

Count( distinct {$<RELEASE=,[SLA]={'OK'},[END DATE]-={"=len(trim([END DATE]))<=0"},[CUST]={'YES'},[PRIO]={'P3'}>} KEY )

also refer to the attached set analysis basics

Set Analysis: syntaxes, examples

P.S we still can simplify the above expression if you provide mock data and expected output in excel format.



Re: Ignore filters in tables*

Your Measure look right to me... unless you have nulls in Release or you are using a calculated dimension which might be causing issue... are you seeing release drilling down to a specific release when you select a single release? or is the expression just giving you an error?

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Re: Ignore filters in tables*


In fact Sunny have reason, my mesure is OK,  but I have filtered on other dimension other than release that conduct me in error. To resolve I just added the other dim filter I used.

Thanks Devarsu for he documents!

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