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Contributor III
Contributor III

Ignoring a Filter/Master Dimsension


I have a master dimension for Type with the formula below. It is being used as a filter in my report.

=If(Not Match(type, 'Control'), channel)

I'd like my master measure for Base Sales below to ignore this filter when a value(s) is selected. 


The filter ignores the values where type=Control, whereas the Base Sales only looks at values with type=Control. I'd like Base Sales to stay static when the Type filter is selected. How do I write my formula for Base Sales so that it still sums where type=Control, yet ignores the filter which removes type=Control?

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Specialist II
Specialist II

Your question is not so clear... the expression you wrote "sum({<type={'Control'}>}sales)"  sum all  sales where type=Control, regardless the selection on type field. All other selection in other fields, exept "type", will affect expression result.

Michele De Nardi
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