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Images in Pivot Table

Hi All,

I have two fields BrandName and Path. BrandName fields contains the Names and Path field contains the image path.

How I'll show the images for all BrandName in Pivot table. I did this in qlikview but in QlikSense, I don't have any idea.

Please help me.


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Re: Images in Pivot Table

I attached an example of the solution.




Re: Images in Pivot Table

Please check the following links if it is useful to you.

Loading image using expressions

Qlik Sense: Showing Image based on selection

Also as per the Qlik Sense Help site,

"Qlik Sense does not support displaying the information loaded using Bundle and Info."


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Re: Images in Pivot Table

Hello Soha,

Qlik Sense does not allow or support loading in images as a data source as yet.

QlikView does have this capability with a bundle load but not yet with Qlik Sense.

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