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Implement a button using an expression that filters values below a threshold

Hi everyone.

I have a table with several dimensions (ID, Date, Description, etc.) and several expressions, in particular a measure called %_Defect.

I want to show in the table only the rows with a %_Defect less than 50%. If I want to do this, I use a code like the following (instead of the field name there will be the code to calculate it, obviously):

if(%_Defect < 0.5, %_Defect)

Instead, since I want to set a threshold for each expression, I thought to keep the table free from filter conditions, and to implement a button for each expression, in order to filter every measure by pressing a different button.

I tried to implement a button, with the function Select In the Field, setting the field as "ID" field, and putting as research string the previous code =if(%_Defect < 0.5, % Defect), but it does not work. Where is the mistake?

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Hi SerSwagster,

it seems that under this link there is a similar problem discussed, maybe it helps: https://community.qlik.com/t5/New-to-Qlik-Sense/How-can-I-write-a-button-expression-that-filters-by-...

Otherwise I would suggest to provide some more details about what exactly is not working, an example app is often very helpful.