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Implementing security in Qlik App ? How does it work in enterprise level ?

Note : I am new to Qliksense. Please bear me for the complicated question. I am curious to learn & want to be a Qlik developer. Help me out.

           I have created a Qlik app & I want to put my app in cloud or any server. I want to visualize myself like I have created the app for a company. I want my developed app to customer or companies with certain number of customers (say 1000). Now, I gave my developed app to a company. Now, can you help me out.


  1.           I want to have like users, who can just login & they will not be able to access the database. How would I do?
  2.           I have company login, where companies can give data but they can't change the data already there.
  3.           Myself as a admin, who can give assign access to the complete environment. How do I do it. 
  4.           What are the possibilities with Qlik sense server ? ( I am using Qlik Desktop). It would be great if someone can explain things, that would be great.
  5.         What are the limitations in Qlik server or Qlik security ?